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Roland Rojas
Age 39
Mojo, CA
"Whoa, dude. I'm high."

"But, yeah, man, I remember the Testimonials. What a band! They rocked!

I was frying on 'shrooms at their last concert. They played "Sweet Rubber Varmint" and right in the middle of the second chorus the singer stopped and pointed at me.

He screamed 'I LOVE YOU!' and I left my body through the top of my head.

I shot straight up, laughing hysterically and crying fat tears of self realization. I zoomed and swooped, strafing the crowd and doing arm-farts.

The bass player shot me with his guitar and my brain exploded.

I was drawn back to my body like a dwarf is drawn to a mudpit.

I had soiled my underwear and was very upset and embarrassed by the smell, but I stayed. It was a great show.

It's a shame what happened to the Testimonials. The media are wolves. Bestiality should be decriminalized."