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Lucretia Johnson
Age 28
Farmburg, GA
"You just keep my testimonials to yourself, sugar."

"My testimonials have no bussiness being exposed to the whole world. My pappy gave 'em to me.

I'm saving 'em for my babies! All twenty of 'em.

You wouldn't want to take my babies testimonials away, would you?

You look like a man of the world. I have a question to pose for which you might know the answer.

In the old disco hit 'Shake Your Groove Thang'; What exactly is a 'Groove Thang'.

Is it what I think it is? And if so I am disgusted.

You don't know?

What about you gimmie that recorder? I can sell it for my babies.

I'm warning you! I'm gonna...

HEY! Why I...!

Come back here with that!

It's for my BABIES!"