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Sally Clapton
Age 24
Sanstone, OH
"Hello? Testimonials? Yes, three please."

"Yes I'll hold.

I hate it when they make you hold, don't you? It's very annoying.

Hello, yes three. No, I said three.

Don't you hate it when they get your order wrong and pretend it's your fault? It makes me want to crawl through this phone wire and grab them by their throats with both hands, slowly squeazing the snideness out of their...

Yes! Hello? Three?

Okay. You don't seem to understand. I'm serious.

Listen, buster. I don't have time to play phone tag with you. If you don't want to sell me the Testimonials, it's alright.

I'll just tell Hurbert that the MORON at the testimonial store wants to play games!

He'll say 'Games, huh? I'll show him some games. Yea. Fun games.'

Then he'll go get his crossbow and cover himself with vasaline and marmalade.

Then he'll hunt you like a rabid animal.

Yes, that is correct, three.